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I wish to acknowledge the enormous help of Dr. John Barker and Leanne Lennon in 2001,  organising and partially scanning my files to make uploading possible.


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THUS begins a location in which C. S. B., once a student of economics, then a colonial (oh dear!) civil servant, for much of his life an anthropologist, academically, and then a retired player of internet possibilities, often writing, often written about, sometimes scandalously, sets out some of the documents that will otherwise get eaten by mice, curl up with the heat, or become trampled on.

Some are quite personal, some relate to history, some reveal (some of) his thoughts.

Bits and pieces, shall we say.

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Additional physical archives, not to be included here,  stored at the University of British Columbia Library, are listed on line at , then click on my name.  You'll find other anthropologists there too, such as K.O.L. Burridge, David Aberle and Michael. Ames.