Kenelm Burridge

Ken Burridge

His Eightieth Birthday

Ken and I go back a long way.  We were at the Australian National University together in the early ‘fifties. But Ken was in the field for most of that time, and I had come back.  His son Julian (who flew from Perth to join the celebration) was born there, and mine a few months later.  After that our paths did not cross until he visited, and subsequently joined, the department at the University of British Columbia.

He wrote classic works with a unique perspective and sensitivity. And his interactions with students, while suffering no fools, was gracious and personable. There was understanding behind the intellectual demands.

On October 31st 2002 he reached the grand old age of 80 – and his students and colleagues responded. Not all could attend the dinner celebration which Julian Wake organized at the Afghan Horseman, one of the earliest non-Chinese restaurants in Vancouver. Here, as a memento are some snapshots of the occasion. (Click on each to enlarge). And below them you will find three photographs of the excellent Festschrift in his honour which John Barker organized during the meeting of the Association for the Social anthropology of Oceania meeting in Vancouver, February, 2003.