Food Essays

My interest in food developed gently from a conservative and insular background. I’ll give you that story as time goes on.

Meanwhile I will find and post some enjoyments. 

I cannot claim that I have integrated food and anthropological thought. Well, I’m not alone.  If you read ethnographies you will find little mention of that fundamental — food. Yet once is was, as much as kinship, central to the beginning of the study of any culture. Start with food and you find much, from hierarchies, to family relations in seating and serving arrangements, and much much more.

Here I do not do that.  I am looking at food itself, taking into account the superficialities of what I know about the cultural context and history. And on the side examine restaurants in Vancouver which you will find on another site, namely  Adam’s Vancouver Dining Guide.  It has sections on Vancouver restaurants arranged by location, style, quality. It also has some notes on the use of the link between specific menu names which may mislead with respect to genuine recipes.